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Upgrading the working system about an iPhone eradicates any changes made to the working method by the "jailbreak" process. Upgrading an iPhone to the 2.1 operating system necessitates restoring the jailbreaking afterward. The procedure requires the use of the free iTunes system that syncs content to the iPhone, alongside in the 2.1 operating system file and a jailbreaking program, of which here are some number that is are free to employ. The process is straightforward also will not harm the computer or the iPhone.

Difficulty: Moderate


Things You'll Need

IPhone cable ITunes

1 Attach the iPhone end regarding one iPhone cable to the device's connector. Attach the other end regarding the cable to a USB port on the computer.

2 Launch the iTunes system by selecting it out of the "Start," "All Applications" pop-upward menu on a Pc, or via double-clicking thems icon inside the "Applications" folder on a Mac.

4 Download the 2.1 iPhone operating program from a Web hosting site to the desktop.

5 Click on the icon of the iPhone in iTunes. Click on the "Summary" tab in the top regarding the iTunes screen. Click on the "Update" button at the central regarding the iTunes screen whilst holding lower the "Ctrl" and "Alt" keys on a Personal computer, or the "Command" and "Option" keys on any Mac.

6 Select "Desktop" from the "Places" decline-down menu on the screen that appears. Double-click on the 2.1 iPhone running system that is with the window. Delay being iTunes installs the 2.1 iPhone operating program on the iPhone.

7 Right-click on the iPhone's icon when the improvement bar in the top of the screen has completely filled in. Pick "Eject" from the pop-awake menu. Leave the iTunes system.

8 Download and install any jailbreak program like as the Nature program. Restart the Pc following the installation is completed.

10 Launch the iTunes plan. Proper-click on the iPhone's icon beneath "Devices." Select "Restore from Backup" in the pop-up menu. Wait as a progress bar on the top about the iTunes plan fills in from left to right.

11 Right-click on the icon about the iPhone. Select "Eject" from the pop-increase menu. Quit iTunes. Disconnect the iPhone cable from the iPhone also out of the USB port of the computer.

Suggestions & Warnings

If you don't follow the procedure exactly, you will closure up with a non-jailbreaked iPhone.


Spirit: Homepage YouTube: Sync iPhone with iTunes


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